Category: Spring Onion Seeds

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Tokyo Long White Spring Onion Seeds

Tokyo Long White Spring Onion Seeds Produce A Delicious, Sweet And Tasty Variety That Is Everything A Spring Onion Should Be. It Is Easy To Grow With Pure Non-bulbing Onions And Sweet Slender Stems. Perfect Used Raw In Summer Salads And Garnishes Or Cooked In Soups And Stir-fries. Ideal For Sowing Successively for Summer And Autumn Harvests.

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Ramrod Spring Onion Seeds

Ramrod Spring Onion Seeds Produce An Extremely Versatile Spring Onion That Can Be Used For Both Spring And Autumn Sowing, Giving You Great Tasting Salad Onions Right Through The Autumn And Into The Next Spring.being Very Disease Resistant And Winter Hardy Makes Ramrod The One To Grow For A Long Season Of Delicious Spring Onions

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Parade Spring Onion Seeds

Parade Seeds Produce An Excellent Spring Onion Variety That Performs Extremely Well In All Areas And Soil Types. Parade Is Also Very Bolt Tolerant And Can Be Sown Throughout The Year To Give A Continuity Of Salad Onions All Year Round. Fungicide Treated.

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Shimonita Spring Onion Seeds

Shimonita Spring Onion Seeds Produce A Very Different, Delicious, Dual-purpose, Japanese Spring Onion Which Has A Great Flavour. Sow The Seeds Close And Harvest As Salad Onions With Tasty, Thick Fleshy Foliage Or Sow Thinly And Allow Them To Mature Into Huge, Leek Like Onions.