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Strawberry Plants – Red Gauntlet

Strawberry ‘red Gauntlet’ Is A Mid Season Variety That Produces A Heavy Crop Of Large Fruit, Which Are Held Well Above The Ground, From June Often Producing A Smaller Second Crop In Autumn. If You Prefer To Grow Under Cloches Or Tunnels Then This Is A Good Variety To Choose. Strawberry ‘red Gauntlet’ Also Has Some Resistance To Botrytis.strawberries Are Easy To Grow And Produce A Bumper Crop. They Can Be Planted In The Ground, In Containers And Even Hanging Baskets. Provide Some Protection From The Birds By Using Netting And Plant Them In A Position Where There Is Lots Of Sun.

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Strawberry Plants – Snow White

Strawberry Snow White Is An Unusual White Variety With Vivid Red Seeds That Will Make A Refreshing Change To Fruit Salads And Ice Cream. This Popular Novelty Crop Produces Fruit With A Lovely Flavour, Often Likened To Pineapple And Will Be The Talking Point Of Any Desert. They Have An Exquisite Taste, More Aromatic Than Other, Red Varietiesthey’re Grown Exactly The Same Way As Regular Strawberries, Either In The Ground Or In Containers And Hanging Baskets And Will Crop At The Same Time Around June. They Do Have An Added Benefit However. Because They Are White, The Birds Are Less Likely The Find Them As Attractive, So Your Crop Will Remain Safer For Longer. 

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Strawberry Plants – Malling Centenary

Excellent Flavour, 1st Ever Strawberry To Be Shortlisted For The Chelsea Flower Show Plant Of The Year. this Is A Main Season Selection Which Has Been Released As A Direct Result Of Its Significantly Improved Flavour And appearance Compared To Elsanta. The Fruit Is Very Regular In Shape, Is Firm In Texture, Attractive In Appearance With Glossy Fruits and With a Stunning flavour.

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Raspberry Valentina – Floricane

Raspberry Valentina Tastes As Good As It Looks! The Succulent, Good Sized, Bright Apricot-pink Fruit Has An Excellent Flavour, At Its Best When Eaten Straight From The Plant. and, As The Fruit Is Produced On Strong Upright Canes That Have Only A Few Spines, Picking Is Easy. so, A Pleasure To Pick And A Delight To Eat! In Extensive Trials, Plants Have Shown Resistance To All Major Cane Diseases And To Most Aphids.floricane (summer-fruiting) Varieties Fruit On Canes Produced In The Previous Year. After Fruiting, Cut Out The Old, Fruited Wood In Autumn/winter And Tie In The New Growths To The Support.

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Raspberry Tulameen – Primocane

The Tulameen Raspberry Is A Widely grown Commercial Variety that also does Exceptionally Well In A Domestic Fruit Garden, Producing Heavy Crops Of Large Berries. These Are Bright And Glossy And have An Excellent Flavour.easy To Pick, The Fruit Holds well On The Cane Even In Poor Weather. Ready To Pick From Mid/late July, Cropping For About 4 Weeks.important – Special Instructions For Planting Long Cane Raspberriesunlike Regular Canes, Long Cane Plants Must Not Be Cut Back After Planting.  The Canes Should Be Left Intact As Supplied.  They Will Then Develop Fruit-bearing Side Shoots At The Top Of Each Cane Which Will Flower And Produce Fruit For Picking In The First Season After Planting At The Same Time As New Growth (next Year's Fruiting Wood) Is Thrown Up From The Root Stock.  N.b. In Subsequent Seasons, Treat As Regular Canes.  

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Jostaberry – Plants

The Jostaberry Is Super Fruit Which Is A Cross Between A Gooseberry And Black Currant. It Is Very Resistant To Mildew, Has No Thorns And Crops Appearance It Is Very Like A Blackcurrant But With Fruit Twice The Size. Can Be Grown Against A Wall Or Well As Growing In A Fruit Garden, These Colourful Fruits Are Perfect For Growing On Your Patio. 

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Redcurrant Plant Rovada – Cordon

If Space Is Limited In Your Garden, Why Not Try Growing A Cordon Redcurrant?specially Grown And Shaped On The Nursery So It Will take Up The Minimum Of Space In Your Garden Yet Still Produce good Yields Of High Quality Fruit. Cordon Bushes Have A Main Central Stem With Short Branches Growing From It, Rather Than Non-cordon Bushes Which Are Multi-stemmed From The Base.ideal For Growing in A Pot On The Patio.height When Supplied Approximately 1m.

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Cranberry Pilgrim-plants

Cranberry Pilgrim Has Year-round Appeal. Beautiful Little Plants Have Dainty Pink Flowers In Midsummer And Glossy Red Berries In Autumn.the Evergreen Leaves Turn Bronze And Finally Rich Red In Autumn And Winter.acid Loving Plants With A Trailing Habit Eminently Suited To Container Growing.they Will Trail Beautifully In Hanging Baskets.must Be Grown In Ericaceous Compost Or Lime Free Soil.

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Boysenberry – Plant

The Round To Oblong, Reddish-purple Fruit Of This Boysenberry have A Unique Flavour that Is Reminiscent Of Good Old-fashioned Wild Brambles.the boysenberry is A Cross Between A Blackberry, Loganberry And Raspberry And Is Easily Grown.perfect For 'bramble' And Apple Jelly!supplied As 2l Pot Grown Plant.

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Blueberry Ozark Blue-plants

This Later Cropping variety Has Large, Firm, Light Blue Fruit Of Excellent Flowers A Bit Later Than Bluecrop And Will Give Consistently High Yields Later In The Season.grow It In A Pot In Ericaceous Compost Where Its Pretty Flowers And Foliage Can Be Seen To Their Best Advantage.supplied As 1l Pot Grown Plants.nb Plant In Ericaceous Compost.