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Ant Killer Baits

Eraza Ant Killer Baits Give A Fast, Effective And Hygienic Solution To Ant Problems. Each Bait Station Contains Bait Which Has Been Specially Formulated To Attract Ants. They Are Lured To The Bait Station, Where They Collect The Bait And Take It Back To The Nest, Killing The Whole Nest. The Bait Stations Have Been Designed So That They Can Be Discreetly Positioned Indoors Or Out. Each Pack Contains 3 Bait Stations, For Multi-positioning And Effective Control.

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Eraza Ant Killer

Eraza Ant Killer Ready To Use Spray Provides A Very Fast And Effective Spot Treatment For Ants. In Addition It’s Unique Formulation Contains Added Disinfectant To Give Reassurance That The Area Is Completely Clear Of Pests And Germs. Fast And Effective Spot Control Of Ants Which Kills On Contact. It Can Be Used Indoors And Outdoors And Is Also Effective Against Fleas, Ticks, Cockroaches, Mites, Centipedes, Beetles, Flies, Wasps, Moths And Mosquitoes.

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Ant Killer Powder

Eraza Ant Killer Powder Is Specially Formulated To Quickly And Effectively Kill Ants And Their Nests. Used Indoors And Outdoors, It Will Provide Long Lasting Protection For Up To Three Months. It’s Provides Fast And Effective Control Of Ants, Killing Them And Their Nests. It Lasts Up To Three Months And Can Be Used Indoors And Outdoors. Also Effective Against Flying Insects Such As Wasps When The Powder Is Dusted Onto Breeding Or Resting Sites

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Fly And Wasp Killer

Eraza Fly And Wasp Killer Kills Flies And Wasps In Seconds, Whilst Its Pleasant Fragrance Leaves The Room Smelling Clean And Fresh. It Can Also Be Used As An Effective Control Against Ants, Cockroaches, Silverfish And Mosquitoes. provides Fast Effective Control Of Flies And Wasps, Killing Them In Seconds. Gives Long Lasting Prevention When Sprayed On Surfaces, Such As Windows. Eraza Fly And Wasp Killer Also Effective Against Ants, Cockroaches, Silver Fish & Mosquitoes.

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Earth Matters Slug Blocker Granules

Westland Earth Matters Slug Blocker Granules Prevent The Devastating Damage That Slugs And Snails Can Cause. Simply By Creating A Ring Of The Non-toxic Granules Around The Plants You Want To Protect, Slugs And Snails Are Prevented From Attacking. The Sharp Granules Are Uncomfortable For Slugs And Snails To Cross And So Any Plants Behind The Barrier Will Stay Safe. Perfect For Protecting Trays And Pots And Plants In Open Ground From Attack.

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Rose Rescue – Bug Killer & Fungus Control

Westland Rose Rescue Is A Systemic Fungicide And Insecticide Which Fight Rose Diseases And Kills Greenfly And Blackfly. If You Love Your Roses And Want Them To Thrive Then Westland Rose Rescue Is The Ready To Use Spray For You. Use Plant Protection Products Safely. Always Read The Label And Product Information Before Use. Contains Myclobutanil And Cypermethrin.

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Eraza Slug And Snail Killer

Eraza Slug And Snail Killer Has A Special Coating That Masks The Pellets Active Ingredient From Slugs And Snails, Making It Five Times More Effective Than Standard Slug Pellets – Meaning A Little Goes A Long Way!delivering High Performance With Less Chemicals, This Shower-proof Product Has A Unique Safety Pouring Cap, Which Means There’s No Need For You To Handle The Pellets Directly. Also Contains An Animal Repellent – To Reduce The Risk Of Ingestion.contains Metaldehyde.use Plant Protection Products Safely. Always Read The Label And Product Information Before Use.

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Resolva Bug Killer Concentrate 250ml

Use This Effective And No-nonsense Insecticide To Eliminate Those Pesky Pests That Ruin Your Flowers, Fruit And Vegetables.this Easy And Ready-to-use 250ml Spray Kills Garden Pests Without Harming Your Favourite Flowers And Crops, And Can Be Used Throughout The Year As Appropriate. It’s Effective On Aphids, Whitefly And Caterpillars And A Whole Host Of Other Uninvited Garden Guests.its Fast-acting Formula Means Your Crops Can Be Eaten Days After Treatment And Resolva Bug Killer Offers Long-lasting Protection.ensure You Read The Label On The Product For Best Use And Application. 

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Heron Scarer

Heron Scarer 81cm High 37cm Widedecorative Metal Solar Heron With Beautiful Feather Scroll-effect Cut Out Detail.each Heron Is Powered By An Integrated Solar Panel Unit.beautiful By Day It Also Lights Up By Night Producing A Decorative Scroll Pattern On Any Surface At Night.with An Optional Spike For Staking It Is Ideal For Garden Ponds, Patios, Lawns Or Decking.1 White And 1 Colour-changing Led Per Heron.features On/off Switch.

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Cat Deterrent Catwatch Ultrasonic Cat Scarer

Catwatch Is Harmless To Cats And The Only Cat Deterrent Endorsed By The Rspb It’s Not Found To Affect Other Species; It’s Also Inaudible To Humans.easy To Use And Economical To Run; Catwatch Works In Most Weather Conditions.the Unit Is Battery Powered Or You Can Use It With The Mains Adaptor To Power From Mains Electricity.30% More Powerful When Using The Mains Adaptor.full Instructions Are Unit Protects Up To 125 Sq. Metres.2 Year Manufacturer’s Warrantymade In The Uk.