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Gro-sure Planting Magic 2 Kg

Grow Bigger, Healthier Plants,. Just One Handful Of This Revolutionary Planting Mix Will Improve Soil, Boost Roots And Aid Water Retention.easy To Use with  no Complicated Measuring It Contains A Unique Mix Of Nutrients. • Contains 6 Months Nutrients So Only Has To Be Applied Once A Season• Water Storing Pockets Cleverly Hold Onto Their Own Weight In Water To Control Over And Under Watering• Added Soil Improvers And Root Builders Improve The Soil Around Your Plant,bulbs Or Seeds To Encourage Speedy Establishment

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Insect Barrier Glue

Easy-to-apply And Effective Insect And Pest Barrier On Your Ornamental And Fruiting Trees, And Gardens Containers. The Barrier Glue Puts Off Insects Like Female Winter Moths And Other Pests From Getting To The Top Of The Trees, Or Into Containers To Lay Eggs.eliminate The Problem Of Hatching Caterpillars Which Eat The Young Leaves In The Following Spring, Causing Serious Damage To Growing Trees.the Climbing Adult Insects Just Have To Abort Their Egg-laying Mission. They Probe The Glue With Their Antennae And Turn Back.the Barrier Glue Is Particularly Suitable For A Whole Range Of Trees, Or Even Garden Pots; Just Apply A Ring Of Barrier Glue In Autumn On The Trunk Of All Your Favourite Garden Trees. By The Time The Adult Moths Start To Climb The Trunk, The Barrier Glue Is All Set To Stop Them In Their Tracks.if You’re Applying The Barrier Glue To Garden Pots, You Can Apply It Any Tube Contains Glue For 5m Of Band, So You’ll Have Plenty To Serve Your Garden Trees And Pots. It Has A Thumb-push Dispenser Mechanism For Easy And Controlled Application. 

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Grow Your Own Ladybirds

Both Ladybirds And Their Larvae Are Voracious Predators That Feed On Sap-sucking Aphids, Greenfly And Mealy Bugs That Wreak Havoc To Your Ornamentals And Fruit And Vegetable Plants.introduce These Beneficial And Beautiful Insects Into The Garden With This ‘grow Your Own’ Ladybird Kit.the Educational Kit, Great For Keen Gardeners, Contains All The Equipment You Need To Rear The Native Two-spotted Ladybird At All Stages Of Its Development.the Kit Has Easy-to-follow Instructions And Progress Chart Which Is Great Too For Science Lessons For Pupils, Prepaid Vouchers For Eggs And Food, And A Rearing Box And Brush To Provide The Best Upkeep. easy To Release, These Are Ideal To Introduce To Your Garden As A No-nonsense Natural Pestkiller.please Note: This Kit Does Not Contain Larvae. 

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Automatic Watering Spikes Kit

Going On Holiday, But Worried About Your Hanging Baskets And Containers?rest Assured – Keep Your Flowerbeds, Containers And Hanging Baskets Well-watered, Lush And Colourful While You’re Away With This First-on-the-market, Easy-to-use Self-watering Kit.this Value-for-money Water System Waters Your Plants For You And Is Ideal For When You’re On Holiday, Or Simply As A Weight Off Your Mind And Saving You Time And Effort On Watering.just Plunge The Watering Spikes Into Soil Near Your Plants And The Adjustable Dripper Within The Spikes Drips Out Water At A Controlled Rate According To The Weather. Less, When The Surrounding Temperature Is Cool, And More When The Warms Up. It Even Automatically Switches Off At Night So No Dripping, Spillage Or Waste.the 500ml Attractive Green Flasks Hold Enough Water To Keep Semi-shaded Hanging Baskets And Large Pots Well-watered For Over A Week. And Because The Spikes Deliver Water Directly To The Roots, There’s No Water Wasted Through Leaf And Soil-surface Evaporation. The 650ml Flasks Will Provide Water For Plants For Even Longer.the Adjustable Drippers Fit Most Plastic Bottles Too – Which You Can Use Instead Of The Flasks If You’re Leaving Your Garden Plants For A Longer Period Of Time.great To Use All Year Round, They’re Invaluable In Summer Pots And Flowerbeds Outdoors, And Then In Winter Too For House And Conservatory Plants. So Use Them Season After Season, Year After Year.the Well-stocked Kit Comes With;3 X Short Spikes Ideal For Smaller Pots And Shallow Troughs, And 3 X Long Spikes, Best For Flowerbeds With Tall Plants Or Free-standing Conservatory And Houseplants.3 X Attractive Green Flasks (500ml And 650ml)6 X Aqua Balance Adjustable Dripper

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Kent And Stowe Lawn Shears

The Perfect Tool For Getting Your Lawn Smartly Finished And Finely Clipped. Nothing Makes Your Flower Beds Stand Out So Nicely As A Well-edged Lawn To Offset, And These Lawn Shears Do The Job Perfectly.the Long Handles And Soft-grips Are Ideal So You Can Use The Shears Over A Long Period Of Time Comfortably And Safely.the Blades Are Angled So You Can Trim The Grass Easily, And Create A Tidy Finish To Enhance Your Lawn. 

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Crest Wall Mounted Tool Rack

The Perfect Handy Way To Keep Your Garden Tools And Garden Clothes Dry, Tidy And Safely Stored; This Easy-to-fix Tool Rack Is The Perfect Solution For Storing Gardening Equipment Including Your Gardening Boots, Wellies And Bits And Pieces.the Rack Is Designed To Allow Secure Hold Of Your Tools, So You Can Rest Assured You Can Store Your Tools Safely And Get On With Other Tasks.the Rack Comes With A Kit To Fix Easily Onto The Wall And The Storage Crate Is Removable So You Can Use It As A Convenient Tool Caddy While Gardening. 

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Crest Twin Pack Secateurs

Get This Twin Pack Of Precision Bypass Secateurs And Anvil Secateurs For All Your Pruning Needs. Both Secateurs Have An Attractive Look And Comfortable Grip, So Are Great To Work With.together, They Make Light-work Of Garden Pruning.the Two Secateurs, Which Work From Two Different Mechanisms, Ensure That You Can Keep The Plants In Your Garden Well-trimmed, Healthy And Looking At Their Both Secateurs The Sharp Blades Are Set To Make Sure They Create Clean Cuts And No Snagging, Which Accelerates Healing And Minimises The Risk Of Pest And Diseases Entering The Cuts.the Bypass Secateurs Are Ideal For Cutting Greener And Softer Stems, Or Stems Set At Awkward Angles And Cumbersome Corners. Use The Bypass Secateurs Too, For Collecting Cut Flowers For Vases And Bouquets In The House.the Anvil Secateurs Are Perfect For Getting Through Woody Stems, Particularly On Shrubs And Trees With Dense And Hard Wood. These Are The Secateurs To Use To Remove Dead Wood Too. 

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Kent And Stowe Pruning Saw & Turbo Saw

The Perfect Two-tool Kit For Pruning Large Stems And Boughs From Shrubs And Trees And Getting To Awkward Angles To Keep Your Garden Trees And Shrubs Well- Trimmed, And Growing With A Healthy And Airy Framework Of Stems And Branches.keep Trees And Shrubs Well-shaped, And Producing Lovely Foliage And Colourful Blooms Each Year By Pruning With These Efficient Durable Tools.the Pruning Saw, With A Comfortable And Attractive Wooden Handle, Is Specially-shaped With Sharp Teeth To Prune Stems Set At Awkward Angles.the Folding Turbo-saw Gets To Branches Too, And Folds Back Into The Handle When Not In Use So You Can Work With The Saw From Shrub To Shrub In The Garden Safely And Conveniently. 

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Kent And Stowe Edging Iron And Weeding Knife

The Perfect Kit For Getting The Perfect Finish For Your Garden. The Two-tool Kit Contains An Edging Iron For Attaining Smart And Clipped Lawn Edges To Create The Perfect Finish For Your Garden, And Weeding Knife For Quick Removal Of Troublesome Weeds Especially Ones With Taproots Like Dandelions. It’s Just The Job For Using In Patios And Between Paving.the Edging Iron Is Also Ideal For Creating Cut-to-fit Turves For Repairing Lawns, So You Can Keep On Top Of Damage Created By Dogs, Moles Or General Wear And Tear.the Carbon-steel Blade Of The Edging Iron Is Strong And Durable To Cut Effortlessly Through Turves And The Wooden Handle Provides A Comfortable Grip. 

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Vegtrug Poppy Liner – Green

Enhance Your Veg Trug Poppy Planter Even More With Easy-to-add Veg Trug Poppy Flower Liner.replace Original Liner With This Handy And Easy-to-use Substitute Liner With Plant-pockets To Pack Yet Even More Plants Into A Small Space. It’s A Great Way To Fill The Smallest Of Spaces, Including Balconies Full Of Flowers And Edible Produce.ideal For Adding Strawberries Or More Colourful Bedding, The Flower Liner Has Handy Pouches So You Can Have Plants Cascading Over The Sides Too For Even More Impact.nb- This Is An Additional Liner For The Main Vegtrug Poppy Planter Only; It Doesn’t Include The Frame Or Planter And Is Not Compatible With The Vegtrug Poppy Ladder Products.