Category: Chilli Seeds

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Chilli Pepper Jalapeno – Seeds

Prepare For Blast-off With This Hot Chilli Pepper. Wonderful For Producing Fiery Dishes And Widely Used In Mexican Dishes. This Variety's A Heavy Cropper, So They'll Be Plenty Of Chillies To Enjoy. Luckily, You Don't Have To Eat Them All At Once Because They preserve Perfectly When Pickled In Vinigar!

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Chilli Pepper Loco – Seeds

The Perfect Variety For Growing On The Patio Or In A Conservatory, It Is Very Compact And Easy To Grow.slightly Less Heat Than Other Chillis, So If You Like A Slightly Milder Chilli Then This Is The One To Choose.

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Chilli Chenzo – Seeds

Chenzo Is A Really Attractive Medium Hot Chilli, Producing High Numbers Of Chillis On A Dome Shaped Plant (like A Mini Acer). The Purple Fruit Matures Through To A Red And It Has Excellent Cold Tolerance Allwoing It To Fruit Longer Than Other Varieites. Use This Chilli To Spice Up Your Dish. Truly Something Special.

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Chilli Demon Red – Seeds

Red Demon Are Attractive Very Dwarf Plants Ideal For Edible And Ornamental Use.the Attractive Flowers And Upward Pointing Fruits are Produced Abundantly Throughout The Season. Bred For Growing On A Windowsill Or In patio Containers. This Chilli May Be Small But It Has A Powerful Taste!