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Cherry Tree ‘summer Sun’ 9l

A Sweet-cherry Variety, The Delicious Cherries Which Ripen From Red To Almost Black Which You Can Start Picking From The End Of July. It’s Self-fertile So Will Produce Fruit Even When Planted In Isolation. Will Also Display Attractive Autumn Leaf Colour.rootstock: Coltflowering Group 3 

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Patio Cherry Tree – Sasha X1

Bred In Norfolk, ‘sasha’ Is A Great Tasting Self-fertile Sweet Cherry Variety That Produces Deep, Red Berries. Prune After Fruiting Some Of The Old Stems To Promote New Young Growth With Fruiting-potential.self Fertile Variety. rootstock: coltreceiving Your Bare Root treedig A Hole That’s Large Enough To Fit The Entire Root Mass Without Any Roots Being Broken, Bent Or Emerging From The Surface. It Basically Needs To Be Deep Enough To Entirely Cover The Roots All The Way Up To The Soil Mark On The Stem.use A Granular Fertiliser To Give The Planting Hole A Boost Before Planting.position the Plant Into The Planting Hole (making Sure It’s Straight And Upright) And Fill Back In With The Dug-out Soil.firm Down The Soil Around The Base Of The Rose Gently With Your Hands. Give The Plant A Good Soak With Water Straight Away After Planting. Surround The Plant With A Mulch Of Bulky Compost Or Manure To Give It A Good Feed And Insulate The Very Active Roots. 

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Cherry Stella – Tree

Stella Cherry is The Variety That Set The Standard For Modern High Yielding Garden Varieties.large, Dark Red, Sweet, Juicy Fruit With Good Flavour Are Produced In Quantity For Picking In Late July.our Cherries Are Suitable For The Average Garden. The Trees Will Grow Well In Open Ground Or Trained Against A Wall.rootstock: Colt

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Cherry Sunburst – Tree

Cherry Sunburst Bears Beautiful Blossom Followed By An Abundance Of Large, Dark-red, Sweet Cherries.  cherry Sunburst Is Self Fertile And Can Be Grown As A Free Standing Tree Or Trained Against A Sunny Wall.cherry Sunburst Is Easy To Grow And Delicious To Eat; The Cherries Will Store For A Short Period After Picking. Sunburst Cherries Are Ready To Harvest In July Slightly Earlier Than Cherry Stella.planting And After Care  All Our Bare Root Trees Are Delivered With  A Growing Guide That Gives Full Planting And Care Instructions. rootstock: Colt