Category: Cauliflower Seeds

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Cauliflower Clarify – Seeds

This Variety Gives Excellent Resistance To Clubroot And Its Erect Growth Means It Takes Up Less Space In The Veg Patch.clarfiy Gives An Early Harvest Of Dense White Curds Which Are Well Protected And Is Ideal For Successional Sowing.

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Cauliflower Igloo – Seeds

This Tasty Crisp Early Cauliflower Can Be Grown In Closely Spaced Rows Or In Blocks For Delicious Mini Heads. You Can Also Grow It At A Wider Spacing For Normal Sized Curds. It's An Ideal Choice For Small Gardens, Easy To Grow And A Reliable, Prolific Crop For Home Gardeners.

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Cauliflower Clapton – Seeds

The First Cauliflower With Clubroot Resistance! It Produces Excellent Flavoured Quality, Uniform, Large, Solid And Deep White Heads.a Versatile Late Summer To Late Autumn Maturing Variety, Depending On Its Sowing Time.shows Excellent Clubroot Resistance.