Single Tall Tapered Square Black & White Planter

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An Eye-catching Square Planter With Hand-crafted Black And White Stripe Finish Makes A Great Addition To Your Home Whether In The Garden, On Your Balcony Or In Your’s Lightweight For Easy-handling, Yet Robust And Reliable For Outdoor Use All Year Round. What’s More, The Striped Finish Means It Looks Smart And Is Easy To Clean.made From Recycled Material It’s Light And Easy To Clean, While Being Strong Enough To Withstand All Weathers. Its Generous 10 Inch Diameter And 10 Inch Depth Means It’s Suitable For Planting Both Summer And Winter Bedding Displays Including Bulbs, Annuals And Perennial Plants, Or Even Crops With Deep Roots Like Tomatoes, Carrots And Parsnips Which Make Lovely Ornamentals Too.its Drainage Holes At The Bottom Of The Planter Ensures Good Drainage In Wet Weather And Healthy Root Growth For Your Prized Plants.alternatively Plant Up With A Single Shrub To Create A Focal Point To Your Patio, Balcony Or Conservatory.

Program Name: Unwins
Product Name: Single Tall Tapered Square Black & White Planter
Price: GBP4.95 Click to verify price.
Category: Lily of the Valley
Last Updated: 2016-05-13 21:30:09 Click to update:

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