Grosure Easy Container Compost 20l

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Taking All The Guess Work Out Of Container Gardening, The Gro-sure Easy Container Compost Makes It Easy To Create A Stunning Display In The Smallest Of Spaces, Whatever The Size Of Your Balcony, Patio Or Garden.gro-sure Easy Container Compost Features A Number Of Unique Ingredients Which Will Bring Your Pots And Containers To Life. These Include:clay Storing Water Pockets: These Gradually Release Water Over Time, Enabling You To Sit Back And Relax While The Compost Does The Hard Work.west+ Technology: Enables Stronger Roots And Bigger Plants, Giving Your Garden The Wow Factor.a Must-have For New And Experienced Gardeners, Gro-sure Easy Container Compost Also Includes Enhanced Seaweed For Plant Health As Well As Six Months’ Nutrient-rich Food, So That You Don’t Have To Worry About Feeding Your Plants – Saving You Time, Hassle And Money. for Orders Of 3 Bags Or More Additional Delivery Charges Will apply. 

Program Name: Unwins
Product Name: Grosure Easy Container Compost 20l
Price: GBP4.99 Click to verify price.
Category: Summer Catalogue Seeds
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